HA Basketball Classic – 2017

The 39th annual Holy Angels Basketball Classic began on Wednesday, January 18th with the opening round of the 8th grade bracket.  It will conclude with the 7th grade final round on January 28th.

Click here for the 8th grade Classic brackets.
Click here for the 7th grade Classic pool play.
Click here for highlights and scores.




Kindergarten RoundUp

The Kindergarten RoundUp for the K3, K4 and K5 programs will be held on Sunday morning, January 29th, at 10:45am, in the Walnut Room of Holy Angels School. Registration information for the 2017-18 school year will be available at the RoundUp.

There is also an Open House from 10:30am until 12:30pm.  Come and find out what Holy Angels School can offer your family.



Catholic Schools: The Good News in Education

Catholic Schools Week is an exciting week at Holy Angels as we celebrate many of the important aspects that make Holy Angels School special… academics, faith formation, extra-curriculars, community building and family involvement.

The CSW Kick-Off takes place on Saturday, January 28th. Click here for more information.

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Celebration of Christmas

Holy Angels primary and intermediate students provided an opportunity to reflect on the story of the First Christmas.

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The Holy Angels Broadcasting Club has begun producing newscasts with information about Holy Angels School and the world.  Other features are sure to interest our viewers.

Click here for the link to the latest broadcast.


HAS-HOPE Reaches Out

The Holy Angels School Helping Other People and the Environment service club has been involved with raking leaves and ringing bells.

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“By wisdom is a house built, by understanding is it made firm; and by knowledge are its rooms filled.”    Prov 24:3-4

“And over all of these, put on love.”  Col 3:14

“You are members of the household of God, built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ himself as the capstone.”   Eph 2: 19-20

To read more about this year’s theme, click here.


Holy Angels News

The Washington County Insider is the primary partner in media for Holy Angels School.  It’s a great place to learn about our school and community happenings.

Click here for the link.

Holy Angels SCRIP Gift Cards

Support Holy Angels School Purchase SCRIP Gift Cards

Scrip is just like cash or those gift cards sold in kiosks in most major stores…except that it benefits Holy Angels in two ways. First, part of the proceeds can be used to cover tuition for yourself or another school family. Second, part of the profits supports the school’s instructional budget.

Click here to learn more about SCRIP and other fundraising activities that support our school.


My 10 years at Holy Angels provided me with a strong academic, social, and faith foundation.  Because of the remarkable teachers at Holy Angels who took a genuine interest in my education, I was very prepared to make the transition to high school and succeed. In addition, Holy Angels was essential in developing my strong Catholic faith, values, and respect for others.
- Peter Steiner, Holy Angels Graduate 2007, West Bend East Valedictorian

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Stehling Project

The Stehling Project has provided Holy Angels School with opportunities to offer its students a wide range of innovation education experiences. Funded through grants from a private foundation, the Stehling Project has focused on sustaining Holy Angels as a “Unique, Premier and Enduring” Catholic school.

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Calendar of Cash

Holy Angels School would like to thank all of those who are participating in this year’s Calendar of Cash fundraiser. On each designated school day, a winning raffle ticket will be randomly selected during morning announcements to win $50 to $1,000. All winning raffle tickets are returned for all subsequent drawing dates for a chance to win every day of the school year!

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