Yearly Archives: 2004

Fifth Graders Perform, Part 2

Ms. Bender’s class made their debut on June 3rd as stars in The Case of the Runaway Appetite. Their play featured Italians, moviegoers, shoppers, a detective, monster, and princess. The props and set design were coordinated by Mrs. Carlson. The story line involves a princess who loses her appetite and teams up with detective Joe

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Fifth Graders Perform, Part 1

Mrs. Thelen’s 5th grade class had been working almost nonstop to prepare for their play, A Trip to the Beach, which debuted on May 28th. Mrs. Thelen offered a few words of encouragement and then the play was on! It was definitely a laugh-out-loud and successful performance. From the revealing of Billy Butcher’s (played by

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Helping the Environment

One of the eighth grade science classes chose a project involving environment issues as part of the class during the fourth quarter. Under the direction of science teacher Melissa Trepte and the Volunteer Center, students “picked up” on the local environmental needs in Downtown West Bend. In spite of a week of rain, students were

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