Yearly Archives: 2010

Mayor Visits K5 Classroom

West Bend mayor Kristine Deiss visited the half-day K5 kindergarten recently to talk about city government and the challenges that she faces each day. In sharing her role in the city with the students, Mayor Deiss compared the city to an ordinary family where people have different jobs and responsibilities. When everyone is working together,

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Accelerated Readers Battle

This year’s Battle of the Accelerated Readers provided the student body with about as much excitement as they could handle. The Blue and White Teams started the annual contest by responding to the challenging questions posed by students. The score remained close through much of the contest and as the final buzzer sounded (startling all

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Students Go Wacky

Each year during the Student Council elections, the candidates make all kinds of promises (sound familiar?). One promise usually refers to “more dress up days”. Why? Who knows! Friday, May 14th, was a Student Council Dress Up Day…Wacky Day! Why? Who knows! One particular class of junior high students was exceptional in the number of

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