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Eaton’s Pizza Shows Support

Students at the Monday morning assembly welcomed Corey Faust from Eaton’s Pizza recently.  Mr. Faust presented principal Mike Sternig with a check for $1000 as a result of a fund raiser at the school.  Eaton’s pizzas have become one of the favorite items on the HAS hot lunch menu.  Eaton’s is located on East Paradise

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Fourth Grade Pioneers

As the fourth graders study the history of Wisconsin, an important era was that of pioneer days. It was the early settlers who fashioned what Wisconsin would become.  Their grit and determination in the wilderness created the strong foundation for continued growth as a territory and state. The students in Ms. Bender’s class recently endured

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7th Graders Learn CPR Basics

As part of the Development Guidance and Health curriculum, Holy Angels seventh graders learned the basics of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.  West Bend Fire Department staff members provided the annual program. Following their instruction, students were able to practice the technique of CPR on manikins. Students used the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” to maintain an appropriate pace

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