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Students Learn CPR/CCR

Seventh and eighth graders learned an important life skills recently in their phy ed classes. In fact, they learned some life-saving skills. A team from the West Bend Fire Department provided the students with instruction and practice in CPR/CCR and AED. Students learned the technique of providing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation/cardiocerebral resuscitation and practiced on training mannequins. 

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Second Grade and Mary

The month of May is traditionally a time to reflect on Mary’s importance in our faith story as the Mother of Jesus.  She was also the first “apostle” of Jesus…the first to hear his word. Through Mary’s saying “yes” to God, the Savior was born! She is truly Queen of Heaven (and so much more).

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Jr High Presents Godspell

The junior high worked hard to produce something very special for the spring performance. Holy Angels has been able to work with MTI (Musical Theater International) to bring our community a production of Godspell Jr. Holy Angels also partnered with First Stage Children’s Theater this year for our Artist-in-Residence program, funded by the Stehling Project.

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