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Going Back to Middle Ages

As part of their study of the Middle Ages, sixth graders researched many of the occupations and roles played by the people of that time. In addition to the king, queen and other members of the court, students also became jesters, clergy, servants, bakers, butchers and others. After sharing what they discovered about their role,

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HA’s Ye Olde School House

The stern teacher kept everything in order, making sure that class time was highly focused on learning. No wonder the students were eager to enjoy recess!  All was in fun as the fourth graders tried to simulate school life at the turn of the century (the previous century).  Students quickly noted that life has definitely

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Battle of Accelerated Readers

The annual Battle of the Accelerated Readers began with another challenging opening round. Contestants first tried to answer questions posed by Mrs. Mitchell which were submitted by Holy Angels readers and they were followed by general questions about books in a series. Unlike last year’s closely contested battle, the White Team jumped out to an

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