Claire Tennies, Holy Angels Graduate 2014

I really do believe that going to this school has shaped me into who I am today. The friendships made at Holy Angels are friendships that are never forgotten. I haven't had to worry about my faith fading in high school because of how much it grew through my years at Holy Angels. What I learned at Holy Angels, faith wise, is what gets me through my day to day activities. Holy Angels has helped me in many, many different ways throughout my years there…faith, knowledge, values, and respect.

New Parent

We were drawn to Holy Angels because of the quality of education, pursuit of Catholic faith, and number of future valedictorians.

New Parent

Holy Angels has an ongoing record of academic success; small, family-like feel with the faith and values at the heart of learning; growing the whole child.

Katherine Riehle, Holy Angels Graduate 2003, West Bend East Valedictorian

During my years at Holy Angels, I was continually encouraged to do my best. The teachers truly want the students to succeed and help to do so with their never-ending commitment, vast knowledge, and positive feedback in all areas of education and life. Holy Angels has aided in my determination to accomplish all of my goals while strengthening the trust I have in God.

Mollie Gibson, Holy Angels Graduate 2005, West Bend West Valedictorian

Being part of a community of faith was an important part of my education. It was through this, I was able to grow and learn. I feel the main reason I was so well prepared for high school was because of the excellent teaching staff at Holy Angels. The teachers at Holy Angels genuinely cared about the success of each individual student.

Peter Steiner, Holy Angels Graduate 2007, West Bend East Valedictorian

My 10 years at Holy Angels provided me with a strong academic, social, and faith foundation.  Because of the remarkable teachers at Holy Angels who took a genuine interest in my education, I was very prepared to make the transition to high school and succeed. In addition, Holy Angels was essential in developing my strong Catholic faith, values, and respect for others.

New Parent

We selected Holy Angels School because of its reputation of excellence and we want our children to have a faith based education. Attending Holy Angels has also been a family tradition.

New Parent

[Mother] attended HA and had such a positive experience both academically and spiritually. We want our kids to have those same experiences. We feel a sense of family and community at HA. The teachers and principal were key factors.

New Parent

[Our daughter] is a 4th generation student at Holy Angels. We value the strong Christian community and the excellent academic possibilities.

New Parent

We believe strongly in the faith component offered. We also know that the teachers, principal, and staff are here because they know the value of a Catholic education. Holy Angels offers so much to their students from foreign languages to engineering opportunities. It seems that HA is putting the proper emphasis on the right aspects in order to promote well-rounded, successful students. Thank you!

New Parent

We chose Holy Angels because of past experience with Holy Angels. When I coached basketball at [another school], the people were very respectful and wonderful to deal with, and we feel it’s very important to have our own children raised in a Catholic environment.

Marge Gengler - Teacher

August 30, 2016, was my 57th “first day of school”…the first being September 1960!!! And it’s just as exciting today as it was way back then…The possibilities are endless. What could be better? Maybe that’s why some of us keep coming back year after year after year… after year… after year…


My children have been attending Holy Angels for the past 7 years, and I have only great things to say about it. The teachers are wonderful, and the education that my children have received has been super. If you are considering Catholic education for your child, I would highly recommend Holy Angels School.